Unified Threat Management GM Dealerships

Security is critically important for dealerships that keep sensitive financial and personal information about their customers on hand.

GM recommends that you use the following Unified Threat Management Solutions:

  • Continuous Threat Monitoring that runs 24/7 and will find and fix issues that can impact the security of your operations such as network misconfigurations, security gaps in software, easy-to-guess passwords, unsecured connections and more.
  • Intrusion Detection that automatically alerts your IT provider when something or someone is attempting to compromise your network using malicious activities or with security policy violations.
  • Anti-Virus Scanning to scan your network for viruses and other harmful items. It examines each file and isolates viruses so that they can be removed.
  • Log Inspection to collect and analyze operating system and application logs for security events that are buried in multiple entries. These events can be forwarded to a centralized logging server for correlating, reporting, and archiving.
  • A Network Gateway with sandboxing capabilities to monitor and test traffic. It blocks new, unknown malware along with attacks found in email attachments and downloaded files.
  • Security Information Event Management (SIEM) – a proactive, real-time security event monitoring service that notifies the network administrator in the case of a security event.

Note: Reactive management software and hardware such as UTM (Unified Threat Management) firewalls and antivirus are not the same as a proactive SIEM service. SIEM and UTM technologies work together to provide protection and monitoring of network traffic.

Published on 31st December 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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