A look at two-factor security and why it should be used for all web-based email.

Two Factor Authentication

If you’re looking to compromise your system/network as soon as possible, the best way to do so would be retrieving your credentials via your web-based email system. For example: Most hackers will have no problem studying their prey before sending a convincing email that looks as if it’s from someone you know. So if you happen to click on the information they send you, the hacker can collect your information, and you’ll remain at their mercy.

Once They Have Your Information

Once a hacker has your password and username, they have no guilt when it comes to combing through your personal emails for private information. After the hacker happens to find such information, it’s likely that they could hold the data ransom to extort and/or blackmail you (or your business/job). The hacker could also search for sensitive banking information and utilize the information as a means for trading or profit. For example: The hacker could pose as you and attempt a money transfer to their bank account. Banks are willing to reimburse attacked accounts in these situations, but they’re handled in the same manner as consumer accounts.

Two-Factor Authentication & Hackers

By putting these state-sponsored hacker abilities into perspective, it’s abundantly clear that they have a broad range of attacks that can be performed at the expense of your information. In addition to this, a hacker can attack from almost anywhere, they can get away with such activity relatively easy, and they have the time to study up on their prey for creating communication as if you already know each other.

Thankfully, two-factor authentication keeps the chances of such attacks incredibly slim in the event of a security breach. For example: Even if a hacker has obtained your password information, they would still need to enter your code to gain access to your account. Once a hacker discovers that their target utilizes two-factor authentication, they’ll have no choice but to move on to an easier target with less security. Even if an individual is using a simple password, the hacker would still need a token and pin for account access with two-factor authentication.

So if you’re not already utilizing two-factor authentication with your web-based email, it’s time to make the switch. Two-factor authentication keeps the sharks away when it comes to your private information and Blue Star has you covered when it come to setting up these secure settings (such as two-factor authentication). So if you happen to live in South Bend, Goshen, Elkhart and across Michiana and need assistance, feel free to contact us by email at info@bluestarpro.com or by phone at (574) 975-0767 so we can secure your network today.

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