Server RoomPeople are unpredictable – and sometimes erratic, petty, and vindictive.

Sure, you’ve worked with your IT guy for months, maybe years, but now you have to tell him, “your services are no longer required.”

Firing your IT guy is going to set off a chain of events that are nearly completely out of your control.

Unless, of course, you take some precautions NOW.

So, before firing your IT guy

  1. Disable Access to the Server Room

Sure, the image of all your cabling cut out of the back of the server may seem hilarious…at least for now.

But if it happens to you, it means huge IT downtime and thousands of dollars down the drain.

So, how do you go about it?

How do you keep a fired IT admin from walking into the server room and taking a sledge hammer to your hardware?

If you have an electronic access system, it’s not so difficult. Have a tech that you trust go in and remove his access the morning of the “firing.”

It’s a little harder if you have a keyed lock. You may have to have a locksmith come in after hours the night before and change the lock, or you can post an employee to “stand guard” and bar access to the server room.

Either way, the goal is still the same – limiting the potential damage an departing IT employee can inflict.

  1. Think About the Timing

The day that you choose to have “the talk” with your exiting IT guy matters. If you choose Friday, you have the weekend to bring in a professional IT consulting team such as Blue Star to ensure that everything is ready for the next week.

The other option is to bring in IT professionals over the weekend and fire your employee on the Monday, much of the harm that the exiting IT employee could inflict can be avoided. Over the weekend, the IT professionals can implement safeguards.

  1. Change the Passwords and Login Credentials

It may sound basic, but this step is so often missed. Even though you are firing your IT employee, you still might think of him as a “basically good guy.” Surely he wouldn’t use his passwords to get into the systems and cause havoc…but it has happened over and over again.

Just do yourself a favor and have another tech remove his electronic access to your IT ecosystem.

Now here’s where it’s going to take some planning… If your current IT guy is the ONLY person with admin privileges on your system, he’s got the keys to the kingdom. You can’t fire him until you get someone else in place and credentialed with admin access. Handle it carefully, but act decisively.

  1. Make Sure Your Backups are Working and Verified

Again, this is where a professional IT management company like Blue Star can help you immensely. They can verify your backups and advise you on your “situation” at the same time. If your departing IT guy is the only one with admin access, can kill two birds with one stone. Give the outside IT professionals admin access to verify the backups, and they will have the credentials to lock your current employee out when “firing time” comes.

  1. Think Through the Exit Interview

There are a few things to consider when it comes to the exit interview, aka “firing.”

You need to keep it professional and concise. Be precise in telling the individual why you are letting him go while avoiding name calling and emotionally charged words/language.

You may be tempted to say, “You’re fired! Get your stuff and get out of here.”


Why? – Because you need the time for other employees – or an outside IT professional – to tie up the final steps in removing a fired employee’s IT access.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Social Media Accounts

Employees without password access can do great harm to a business just by blowing off steam on Facebook, Yelp, or GlassDoor. But think of the pain that someone who can log into your social media accounts and speak “for the company” could do!

It’s scary stuff!

Before your employee leaves your office in the “exit interview” make him write down his passwords for social media and vendor portal accounts and send those passwords to the IT team you have working down the hall to have his access removed. It’s perfectly okay to have the employee sit and wait while you deal with this. After all, you wouldn’t let an employee leave with the keys to the office, would you? The truth is, passwords in the wrong hands can be more dangerous and damaging to your company than keys in the wrong hands. – So let him sit while you pull his access from every platform and portal the company is using.

What’s been your experience with departing IT admins?

Are you in the middle of a mess right now because an IT employee hurt your business on the way out the door?

Do you need some advice about getting rid of a bad IT administrator?

We can help!

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Published on 23rd August 2017 by Jon Morningstar

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