Do All Businesses Need To Use Multi-Factor Authentication Services?

Any business that wants to protect their data should use MFA Services. Strong passwords aren’t enough anymore to protect sensitive information.

Most of these breaches exploit your company’s login credentials to break into your IT. Leading corporations recognized the need for MFA long ago and have been using it to better secure their IT environments. MFA provides additional layers of protection for added security.

The following are some common questions clients ask when considering our MFA Services.

How Does MFA Work?

It requires at least two mechanisms from different methods. For example, when you sign into your online banking account, it requires your username and passcode.

The MFA system responds with a temporary keycode that’s sent to either your phone or email. When you type the code into the required space on the website, you gain access to your account. This keycode can only be used once and expires after a set time.

How Does MFA Work In A Business Setting?

It requires a user to provide more than a password to access your network or online service. It’s more secure than using a password alone. Plus, MFA won’t accept weak passwords. It’s an added layer of protection for your business.

How Do We Set Up MFA?

To set up an MFA Service for your business, it’s best to consult with an IT company like Blue Star IT Services & Solutions. It’s important to use an MFA solution that will work with all of your software and security systems.

Will MFA Work With Different Applications And Business Initiatives?

The MFA Service for your business must easily integrate with your on-premises, cloud-based and web-based applications. The goal is to ensure every point of access to your IT network is protected.

Any application in the Cloud or on-premise should require MFA before access is allowed. MFA will protect company information and prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your confidential company data.

What About MFA For Mobile Users?

MFA can also be set up for remote workers. The MFA Service you choose must be capable of working wherever your employees are.

MFA can be deployed using either applications or SMS on mobile devices running either iOS or Android. With your business users accessing data from so many different types of mobile devices, even iWatches, you need an MFA Service that can verify their identity on any device.

For flexibility, ensure the solution also works with other phone-based methods, like SMS and phone callback.

How Do We Make Sure Every Employee Uses MFA?

An MFA Service should be set up across your entire company. This ensures every employee verifies their identity when logging into your network. Blue Star can do this for you.

Will The MFA Solution Be Available 24/7 To All Our Employees?

Look for a provider who offers an MFA Service that provides 99.99% guaranteed uptime in their Service Level Agreement. A security solution is only as valuable as it is available. It must be resilient against security incidents and downtime.

With a cloud-based MFA, you can ensure your employees always have access to the service. And your provider should maintain the MFA solution independent of your systems. This way, even if your network is breached, any access to your applications will still be securely managed by your provider.

Will The MFA Solution Work With Our Credit-Card Processing System?

Be sure that your IT provider’s MFA uses PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Solution), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 270001 and SOC (Service Organization Controls) 2 compliant service.

Will We Be Able To Access Records Showing When Our Users Logged In?

Ensure your MFA solution comes with detailed logs about your users’ login behavior, and administrators’ access. This way you’ll have access to custom reports. You’ll need these for security analysts and compliance auditors.

Choose a solution that gives you visibility into authentication attempts, including data on IP addresses, anonymous networks, blacklisted countries and more – This information is useful for determining where and when certain attacks may occur.

Logging also provides insight into any user behavior anomalies or geo-impossible logins – if your user logs in from one location, and then logs in from another location around the world, your security team will know.

Remember … It only takes one weak link in your system for a breach to affect your business. The right Multi-Factor Authentication solution will bolster your business’ security posture.

For more information or answers to additional questions, contact the MFA team at Blue Star IT Services & Solutions in Goshen, Indiana.

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Published on 19th September 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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