Are you tired of having to remember all of your different passwords? Isn’t there a better way to protect your identity and access your online services? There is.  It’s called multi-factor authentication.  And now there are MFA services like the one that Blue Star offers that makes signing into applications and services much easier and safer.


Is There An MFA Service My Business In Michigan Or Indiana Can Benefit From?


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps you protect your identity and accounts. More organizations are using it for its security and ease-of-use. You’ve probably used MFA before.  For example, when you go to the ATM to deposit or withdraw money, you swipe your bank card and enter your personal ID number (PIN).  When you go online to your bank account, you sign in with your ID and enter a passcode. This is called Two-Factor Authentication.

What Is 2FA? Is It Different Than MFA?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a form of Multi-Factor Authentication.  Newer forms of identification use biometrics like your fingerprint or a scan of your eye.

MFA and 2FA both protect your identity by requiring an additional layer of security. This makes it more difficult for criminals to log in to your accounts.

More specifically, to be categorized as MFA, your credentials must be submitted in two or more different forms.  Using two passcodes doesn’t meet this criteria.  You would need your login ID and a passcode for authentication to be classified as 2FA or MFA.

Even social media accounts are using MFA (2FA) to protect their subscribers. This keeps anyone from taking over your identity on the platform. Facebook now has an option where you can have a code texted to your mobile phone, or one generated in your Facebook account that you must enter when signing in.  Code Generator is a security feature for your Facebook app used with two-factor authentication. When you turn it on, your phone will generate a special security code that you can use to authenticate your login attempt on another computer or mobile device.

Can My MFA Be Saved So I Don’t Have To Do This Again And Again?

Most MFA processes will remember a device. This is called device recognition. Sometimes services will ask if you want this. For a laptop, tablet, or smartphone that remains private, you can choose to do this. However, if it’s a shared device, you should always go through the MFA process to ensure no one can get into your accounts.

With device recognition and analytics that banks, credit cards, and other services employ, if you make a withdrawal in the U.S., and someone else tries to do this in Malaysia (or anywhere else that you couldn’t travel to quickly on the same day), an alert kicks in to prevent this.  Technology is getting smarter all the time.

When Is It Important To Use MFA?

Did you know that using MFA is one of the top three things that security experts do to protect their security online?  This is according to a Google survey.

You should use MFA whenever it’s available.  Always use it when you’re accessing your sensitive data like financial accounts, medical records, or bill-paying services.  Most of these organizations will require MFA, so you’ll have to use it.  Some offer it as an option.

But What About Services That Don’t Offer MFA? Is There A Service We Can Use?

We can help with that.  Blue Star has an MFA solution that’s easy to deploy for you and your entire organization. It will protect all of your users with basic access controls, advanced administrative management, and user provisioning. Plus, it gives you an overview of all the devices being used on your network.


Our MFA Service:


  • Makes it easy for you and your staff to use MFA. It ensures that every point of access is protected and easily integrates with your on-premises, cloud-based, and web-based applications.


  • Means there are fewer passwords to remember and reduces the frustration of trying to keep track of codes and tokens.


  • Will protect your organization and reduce your risk of a data breach. And if you must meet regulatory standards, this is an important service to consider. It will help improve your compliance capabilities when it comes to protecting your sensitive data.

Our MFA Solution is a cost-effective and easy way to ensure that your employees use Multi-Factor Authentication as they should!

Want To Learn More About An MFA Solution For Your Business in South Bend, Goshen, Elkhart, or anywhere in Michiana?  Contact Blue Star IT Services & Solutions.


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