Cultivate Culinary was formed as a 501c(3) not for profit organization in 2016 by co-founders Jim Conklin and Randy Ziolkowski. Their mission is to train workers in the culinary arts.

About 15 months ago, following a trip to visit an organization called Second Helpings in Indianapolis, food rescue was added to Cultivate’s mission to help feed those in the region who are food-insecure.

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Thanks to the multiple food suppliers, volunteers and staff, Cultivate has rescued over 100,000 pounds of food and converted it into 25,000 meals over the past 15 months.  Their goal is to grow their organization to a point where they can rescue 400,000 pounds of food per year within the next three years, in addition, to continue training adults in the culinary arts.

Since they don’t charge for the meals they distribute, donors are needed to help them cover the costs of their operations (rent, transportation, labor, equipment, etc.).  For those interested, online donations can be made by going to  Volunteer opportunities are also listed on their website.

What Makes Cultivate So Special?

Cultivate Culinary is the only organization in our region that does what they do in terms of food rescue.  The interest in what they are doing continues to grow as other organizations seek to partner with them.

How Has Blue Star Helped Cultivate?

Jim Conklin from Cultivate explains:

“Blue Star has been a great partner by helping us with our website and other IT needs.  Having a trusted partner like Blue Star on our team has allowed us to focus on our core mission of food rescue and culinary training.”

How Can Blue Star Help Your Nonprofit?

We understand that nonprofit organizations face challenges, and a major one is funding. You can’t afford to waste money on IT solutions and services that don’t work or “sit on the shelf” unused. You need cost-effective technology to help you achieve your mission.

With Blue Star as your IT provider, you’ll have access to affordable Managed IT Services that provide the reliable and secure running technology you need to achieve your mission. It’s an affordable, cost-effective solution that’s available for a fixed monthly fee that you can easily budget for.

With Managed IT Services You’ll Benefit From:

Fewer Technology Costs & Better Running IT

We customize our services to align with your budget and organizational goals. Our nonprofit clients find that they can reduce their IT costs while increasing the reliability, accessibility and security of their digital assets.

Greater IT Security

If your confidential information is exposed, your nonprofit may end up in expensive litigation, not to mention a reputation that’s ruined. And, as a result, no one will want to fund your projects. We proactively monitor your network to detect and eliminate cyber threats, and we’ll train your staff to recognize phishing attempts that try to trick them into revealing sensitive data.

The Assurance That Your Data Is Backed Up & Recoverable

Designing and implementing a data backup and recovery solution today takes knowledge and experience. We provide backups both onsite and in a secure cloud-based solution so you’ll always have access to your digital information wherever you have an internet connection. Our backup and recovery services include periodic validating that your data has been accurately backed up and can be quickly recovered.

24/7 Support With Quick Response Times

With Blue Star, you’ll have dedicated IT professionals who will respond to issues in minutes rather than hours. In most cases, IT problems can be repaired remotely before you know anything has happened. If not, we’re onsite before you know it, to ensure you always stay up and running.

Peace of Mind

You have enough to worry about. With Blue Star, you won’t need to worry about your IT. It will always be protected, running efficiently, and up-to-date. And with the support of our highly trained IT team, you can focus on your mission and serve those in need.

Do you need assistance for your nonprofit association in South Bend, Goshen, Elkhart or anywhere in Michiana? Contact Blue Star IT Services & Solutions for a complimentary IT Assessment to get you started.

In the meantime, stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of IT and how it can impact your nonprofit. Visit our Media Center where you’ll find informative articles each month. Here are a few to get you started.

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Published on 14th December 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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