Businesses in South Bend or Michiana have their own unique and complex technology needs. Competing demands, overtaxed internal IT staff and a lack of counsel on how to proceed can create frustration and delay action.

That’s when you need a South Bend IT Services company to help you with comprehensive support for your technology challenges. Using a trusted partner like Blue Star IT Services & Solutions gives your company the resources, insights, and expertise to create solutions that work.

What Is Managed IT?

Managed IT services are a range of tasks that companies outsource to a third-party provider. While different companies offer different types of services, here are a few of the most common ones that are included:

  • System configuration and optimization
  • Help desk support for employees and network users
  • Remote and onsite technical support
  • Network optimization monitoring and alerts
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Patch and firmware updating for operating systems, hardware and software
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting for industry or government regulations
  • Internet security
  • Website filtering
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing protection
  • Access to IT strategic planning development and guidance

One major advantage to managed IT is the financial predictability. With a managed IT agreement, you’ll pay a monthly fee that covers most services. You’ll no longer need to worry about unexpected technology expenses that need to be addressed urgently.

How Can Managed IT Improve Efficiency?

When your technology isn’t working, your company’s productivity can grind to a halt. Files that are hard to access, applications that are slow, systems and apps that are not integrated and computer or network crashes cause frustration and aggravation for your team. Connectivity issues also make it difficult to collaborate with vendors, partners, collaborators or employees working remotely.

What’s more, your customers may lose interest if websites are not loading properly.

Managed IT solutions ensure that your network’s configuration is designed to maximize impact on employees, customers, and visitors. Security and monitoring tools can often detect issues while they’re minor and get them fixed before causing major problems. Reliability boosts employee morale and productivity.

Can Managed IT Reduce Technology Costs?

IT is a costly component for many companies. It’s necessary to keep work flowing but often has an unclear return on investment. That’s why managed IT services can be so effective at curbing these costs. When your network is configured properly, employees will be far more productive, generating more revenue and helping customers more efficiently.

With proactive monitoring of systems and managing of vendor relationships, your managed IT service provider can ensure that the upgrades that are necessary are installed quickly. If there is an upgrade necessary to an operating system, firmware updates, or service packs that need to be applied to software programs, your managed service provider can usually deploy these improvements remotely and automatically, resulting in little if any disruption to operations. Monitoring your warranties and interacting with vendors saves you time and money if there are issues that need to be addressed directly with a manufacturer.

Working in partnership with your IT staff, a managed IT services company can free up internal resources to work on other projects.

Can Cloud Hosting Work For My Company?

Cloud solutions mean hosting data and applications on shared servers in a protected environment. You’ll eliminate the need to house, store, cool and maintain servers onsite and easily provide access to information from any device from anywhere your users need it.

At Blue Star, we offer a comprehensive array of cloud support, including:

  • Assessment of company needs and budget
  • Customized cloud solution development
  • Seamless data transfer and functionality assessment
  • Data loss protection
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Remote and onsite training for users for new cloud applications
  • Regulatory compliance documentation

We help our clients use the newest technologies and cloud tools to maximize the impact of these innovative solutions.

What Support and Monitoring Does Managed IT Provide?

Managed IT services offers comprehensive support for your hardware and software. In many cases, our skilled help desk staff can assist users remotely and solve problems quickly. If on-site support is necessary, we will dispatch engineers to resolve issues promptly.

System monitoring is vitally important for companies that are often the target of cyber attacks. With active monitoring of systems, users and devices, we can detect unusual activity or patterns and prevent actions that might be harmful.

How Does Managed IT Protect My Company?

In addition to active monitoring, we help companies deploy next-generation firewall tools to protect your company’s network perimeter. That’s in addition to the anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-phishing solutions that prevent unwitting intrusions from taking hold.

If you’re wondering, “Where is there managed IT support near me,” contact Blue Star to help with your greatest technology needs.

Published on 7th November 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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