Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your business has a best friend? Who can you call for managed IT support in South Bend? Blue Star Pro is the friend that has your back no matter what!

Professional athletes rely on their managers to help with much of their schedules, from public appearances to sponsorships and more, a manager for a professional athlete oversees much of the athlete’s career and helps guide the athlete in the best direction for success.

City Managers have a similar goal, though for a metropolitan area with a residential population rather than a single individual. Working with accountants, city attorneys, economic development teams, and a multitude of other resources, City Managers devise plans that will guide an area toward prosperity and growth.

Many professional offices hire Office Managers to oversee staffing, training, payroll, and teams for human resources and administration, again with the goal of the office running as smoothly – and as profitably – as possible. Sometimes the most economically sound decision is to outsource a process to another vendor, like managed IT support, for example.

  • What is managed IT support? Managed IT support is a type of managed service provider, which are pretty much exactly what they sound like: a vendor that can perform a service at a cost saving for companies.

The position of manager comes with authority but also built-in expertise and the expectation that the role of managing will be carried out with integrity and reliability. In the case of managed IT support, when successful, the manager is the best friend a company can have! Supporting your business – having your back – in every way, and with you every step on your journey to success though often invisible, your managed IT support service provider shares your goals and fulfills its end of your agreement.

That agreement may be as simple as providing Help Desk support on an as-needed basis for a subscription-style monthly fee, or it could be far more all-encompassing – the level of managed IT support depends on your business and your needs.

“What does a managed IT support service provider do?”

The canned answer is, “What do you need?” The reality is that managed IT support in South Bend comes in all shapes and sizes, but the best kind is the best fit for you. How can you find your perfect partner? Here’s a helpful checklist to get started!

  • Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large?

What “size” of managed IT support do you need? Are you in need of basic Help Desk support, like we talked about before, or perhaps a la carte style? Or do you need the full menu? We are confident you’ll find handing over the reins for the full menu to a provider for managed IT support in South Bend will yield better results and greater cost savings.

  • Better results: Experts are expensive – at least when they’re on your payroll full time. A low monthly fee paid to your managed IT support service provider guarantees the right expert for the job, every time.
  • Greater cost savings: Too often, a single staff member cannot oversee all IT needs, and you’ll end up needing additional resources. Take advantage of economies of scale by working with a managed IT support service provider who does what you need, when you need it, and with the knowledge of an industry expert without draining your revenue for the month.

From Help Desk support to Network Security to strategic planning, choosing a managed IT support provider covers all bases while making your dollars stretch farther from providers that consolidate purchasing power and pass the savings on to clients.

  • Local or Global?

Do you feel comfortable only communicating with your managed IT support provider over the phone, via email, or through an online portal? Or would you prefer a resource that is just around the corner? Know that much of the time the support is provided remotely, even by local providers – but in some situations, especially emergencies, it’s extremely helpful having help nearby.

  • Do you need back up?

No amount of coffee can fix a morning ruined by a corrupt file! The good news is, this doesn’t happen often. The better news? You can circumvent this with data backup processes! The best news is managed IT support providers can take care of this for you, too. Data back-ups can save the day in a variety of situations, from irritations to doomsday scenarios, but the reality is that backing up your data is just smart, even if you never need to rely on reinstating it. Daily back-ups prevent downtime and ensure efficiency and business continuity. Providing backup sounds like something your best friend would naturally do for you!

  • Training

Call it training, call it continuing education – no matter what you call it, it’s always a smart idea to stay on top of the latest trends and information, especially in IT. Hiring the experts to handle your IT guarantees not only the best in protection but also sharing the critical end-user tips with your staff. Email security, web filters and Internet safety, password protocols – all of this knowledge and more should be shared with your team for the utmost in managed IT support.

Time is Money

Let’s face it, your IT resources – no matter what your industry is – require more of your time than you can commit to giving. Your attention should be on your business! Your managed IT support provider focuses on your IT needs – so you can focus on doing what you do best.

You can enjoy both productivity and efficiency when you partner with Blue Star Pro for managed IT support in South Bend.

The Bottom Line

What all of this boils down to is gaining the edge on the competition by recognizing your own strengths and where you can use help, and in the most cost-efficient manner. The best managed IT support providers won’t try to sell you on services you don’t need and costing you more when you’re aligning your company with them to spend your dollars intelligently. The right provider supports you when you need help, is readily available for you, and takes care of you and your data with great care. They have your back like a best friend but take care of you like the experts they are.

Sound like a magical combination for managed IT support in South Bend? Find it with Blue Star Pro – and see how their team of experts are using technology to achieve success for Blue Star clients.

Published on 26th May 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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