Who Is LaCasa?

In 1969, several local churches decided to work together to respond to concerns about poor housing conditions for seasonal farm workers.  In 1970, that effort was formalized into a non-profit named LaCasa of Goshen, Inc. (now LaCasa, Inc.).

For several years their focus was on helping people locate safe, affordable housing while assisting low-income families in completing needed repairs on their own homes.  Over the years their mission grew and included a food and clothing pantry, emergency housing assistance, a healthcare clinic and other urgent support services.

What Services Does LaCasa Provide Today?

Today LaCasa is comprised of 5 core services:

  1. Real estate development including for-sale and rental housing development as well as owner-occupied rehab assistance.
  2. Property management, managing LaCasa’s owned portfolio of 328 single and multi-family housing units.
  3. Financial empowerment services including financial coaching and development, foreclosure counseling, homebuyer counseling/training and administration of matched savings accounts.
  4. Immigration support services.
  5. Community building and engagement with a primary focus on developing neighborhood associations and related leadership.

Who Does LaCasa Serve?

LaCasa provides services across Elkhart County to a broad cross-section of clients, tenants and others.  While their name reflects a long legacy with the Latino population, immigrants from more than 35 countries have used their counseling and documentation services.  While many programs are income-based, services like financial capabilities training and foreclosure services are available to all.

What Makes LaCasa So Special?

Their Mission – “LaCasa works with individuals and community partners to create an opportunity for personal empowerment, family stability and neighborhood vitality.” They believe empowered individuals, families and neighborhoods result in healthy and vibrant communities.

Second – LaCasa works hard to develop and leverage partnerships with donors, funders, local government and other non-profit agencies to make a broader and more profound impact than they could alone.

Finally, as they approach a landmark 50th anniversary in 2020, they are committed to achieving a social enterprise business model – a potent combination of mission and money to assure sustainability of services for the next 50 years.

How Has Blue Star IT Helped LaCasa?

Blue Star was LaCasa’s first commercial partner, and they tell us that they’ve never considered going elsewhere for IT Service & Support.  As their organization has grown in size and complexity during our partnership, Blue Star has been there to assure the staff at LaCasa always had the tools and infrastructure to be successful.

LaCasa continues to grow and evolve both their technical capabilities and their service model with a member of Blue Star serving as their Virtual Chief Information Officer. They are thankful to have several long-term business partnerships, and they tell us that Blue Star ranks as one of the best.

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