Businesses in the Design-Build industry need to look at the big picture in order to boost efficiency in the design process.

Remember back in grade school, when you had to draw a poster? You’d start with the title, and if you weren’t thinking ahead, you’d quickly run into an issue – you were out of room. You’d start the title in big block letters, and soon realize that you hadn’t really accounted for how many letters you had to fit in and how much available space you had to work with.

That’s how you learned an important lesson – count the letters you had to fit and divide them by the available space (carefully measured with your plastic ruler) in order to ensure everything was laid out properly. Sound familiar?

If we all learned that lesson back when we were kids, why are so many Design-Build firms forgetting to think ahead when it comes to their projects?

In the process of designing a new building or workspace, many project clients are failing to think about their Audiovisual and Information Technology (AV/IT) integration vendor until long after the designs have been completed by a Design-Build firm such as yours. The problem? By waiting to get all necessary vendors together on the same page, clients cause unnecessary challenges to the whole process.

When the AV/IT vendor is brought in late, they have to deal with space limitations, constraints on their wiring and network capabilities, and worse. In a nutshell, if a client is going to have more than one vendor work on a project, shouldn’t every vendor be in the loop from the start?

Consider these three key reasons for unifying Design, Build, and Support from square one:

  1. Reduce Risks

When the project owner centralizes responsibility for the project outcome among all involved vendors, there are far fewer risks posed to the project as a whole. Either by getting the whole team together on a regular basis from the beginning of the project or by selecting and working through a single point of contact, project clients can achieve a number of advantages:

  • No need to shift responsibility back and forth between designer and integrator
  • Everyone’s expertise can be applied to the project from the very start, ensuring nothing is overlooked
  1. Reduce Costs

By streamlining the entire process, project clients can eliminate the wasted materials and work hours that come with making mistakes and backtracking. The unified vendor team can ensure that each is acting in everyone’s best interest, which means no last-minute alterations to better suit the needs of the AV/IT vendor, for example. By carefully planning out each and every step that will be taken, project clients gain a number of benefits:

  • Less downtime over the course of the project to fix careless and unforeseen mistakes
  • Minimal change orders or modifications
  • No duplicated or unnecessary work due to poor communication among teams
  1. Maximize Quality

Success comes down to how long it takes for the project to be completed, whether it’s above or under budget, and whether the end result suits the needs of the client. All of these factors are easy to control when they’re considered holistically from the very beginning. The project can be built from the drawing board with every possible need and step in mind, instead of starting with the build, then moving on to AV/IT and other vendors when it may be too late to backtrack and change something to meet their needs.

Let’s be honest – in concept, this is a simple idea. Think ahead, and get everyone involved on the same page. As easy as it sounds, it’s still not the industry norm. By offering this kind of approach for your clients, you’ll soon see just how effective a unified Design, Build, and Support process really is.

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Published on 3rd March 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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