Your Cybersecurity Checklist Isn’t in Place, Blue Star Can Help

Cybersecurity ChecklistNot having the proper security defenses in place these days is really playing Russian Roulette with your entire business operations. We have just the answer to this dilemma facing business owners in Michiana – a Cybersecurity Checklist for Businesses in South Bend, Indiana that’s designed to help you meet all its criteria in as short a time-frame as possible.

Also known as a Security Audit Checklist, it contains 8 key areas you’ll want to have checked-off and accounted for, including:

  1. Backup and Recovery. Put in place a backup system and disaster recovery plan for ALL files and data so that if your network or an IT system becomes compromised, a copy of your files still exists.
  2. Employee Education. You’ll want to have all your employees educated about cyberthreats and how to avoid causing unintentional harm to your business. (We can help you implement workplace cyber-education policies.)
  3. Employee Passwords. You need to set stringent requirements for employee passwords, and have your staff change them on a regular basis. Secure password generators work for this, and Blue Star can consult on this as well.
  4. Use Secure Firewalls. Secure your office’s internet with a firewall. If your office is wireless, make sure your connection is encrypted with WPA2, and is password protected.
  5. Data Security. We’ll help you establish protocols for accessing and transmitting sensitive data.
  6. Securitize Company Devices. Limit access to proprietary programs and data by ensuring that employee devices such as laptops, tablets, or mobile phones are password-protected in case a device is stolen or misplaced. This is huge for compliance fines avoidance, especially if you are in the financial, healthcare, accounting, or retail sectors.
  7. Use Antivirus Software. Ensure there is an active antivirus software program installed on all company systems and devices – network-wide.
  8. Secure Your Website. Ensure your business’ public website has adequate security to protect both your business and your clients from hackers and other cyberthreats.

So, as you can see, it’s all about having the magic combination of employee cyber-education, technology monitoring, and data security that makes this security checklist work.

Not Sure if You Need a Cybersecurity Audit Checklist? Blue Star Can Help.

Not to make too much a point of it, but it really cannot be overstated – if your business is currently running without an IT audit checklist, you may as well be a ship without a rudder in a heavy squall. Or, doing business without insurance, or accounting, or a sales staff.

It really is that important to the viability of your business operations, and likelihood of having any kind of longevity.

So, the Blue Star – South Bend Indiana’s cybersecurity experts of choice for many – are here to help you get into the driver’s seat of 21st Century cyber-commerce and navigate safely.

And, we’re here to be your guides for doing web-connected business as safely and as liability-free as possible using things like our network audit checklist.

We cater to at-risk industries like healthcare, manufacturing, professional services like law firms and accountants, and non-profits.

But, we also do what we do for ANY business entity – from sole proprietor and micro-businesses on up to mid-sized ventures and beyond.

Because, EVERYONE these days needs to have a working cybersecurity checklist that keeps the cybercrime and data breach wolf from the door.

The Case for Having a Cybersecurity Checklist

Cybersecurity risk management isn’t, as many might believe, just for healthcare facilities, financial institutions and their business associates.

Cybercrooks are now targeting small businesses by the droves, in the belief that smaller companies won’t have the proper security measures in place.

And, they would be right in their opportunistic taking of the path of least resistance.

At least until companies like yours get your cybersecurity checklist in good, working order.

Then, the cybercriminals will just have to go elsewhere, won’t they?

We’ll help you make sure of it!

Consistent, Streamlined Computer Security Services

One of the big issues Michiana business owners have had with IT services is they can’t seem to find a company that delivers consistent, streamlined, all-inclusive computer service at a cost the average small business owner won’t balk at.

That’s a big reason why we’ve tailored our IT managed services program the way we have.

With Blue Star’s brand of managed services, you get a complete bundle of IT care that includes cloud services, IT and cybersecurity, consulting, mobile management, and data backup solutions.

It’s basically everything you need for ultimate growth and longevity — but without the IT worries!

Which is to say that we can augment your current in-house IT staff, or become your outsourced CIO. Either way, you get reliable performance and predictable expenses, and more efficiency and productivity out of your IT security and management firm.

The Need for a Workable Security Assessment Checklist

Some IT security companies bowl right over you with a lot of tech-talk, and spring hidden fees for things you didn’t bargain for. With Blue Star, however, you get only direct, common-sense communication, and what you need, when you need it.

Thus, when you need a viable network security checklist that accounts for ALL your IT systems, users, devices, and related contingencies – there’s only one company to call in South Bend IN, and that’s Blue Star IT Services & Solutions.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us now at (574) 975-0767 or to get started on your way to more consistent, more streamlined and direct network security services in South Bend IN, and don’t forget to download our Free Cybersecurity Checklist while you’re at it!

Published on 18th September 2017 by Jon Morningstar

CyberSecurity Must-Do Checklist For Businesses

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