A long-standing manufacturing company in Goshen, IN recently experienced a disaster that left them without a facility and without their computer network. With over 25 years of experience in their industry, this Goshen business has always strived to give personal attention to every customer who walked in their front door. When their worst-case-scenario became a reality, they needed the same level of commitment and service from their Goshen IT provider. Already a client for a decade, this team of manufacturing experts immediately called Blue Star Client Technology Manager Grant Martin and the team of Goshen IT experts from Blue Star, Inc. to bring them back from disaster.

The Situation: Recovering from Disaster and Restoring Optimal Computer Network Services for Goshen Manufacturing Company

When this reputable and prosperous Goshen manufacturing company fell victim to a terrible fire that destroyed most of its only manufacturing facility, including their computers, their first call was to Blue Star, Inc. They knew they could trust the Blue Star Team to restore their data and get their network up and running in no time.

“The working relationship was established before I even started at Blue Star,” says Blue Star Client Technology Manager, Grant Martin. “So, they’ve been here since I started and this company really appreciates the way we focus on best practices and processes to ensure their network stays running”.

Martin has worked closely with the company’s CEO to balance his desire to stay involved in IT while letting Martin and the Blue Star team do the heavy lifting. While the CEO has a knack for technology himself, he knows when he needs to stop and let Blue Star take the wheel. When a fire hit the company’s manufacturing facility, Blue Star took the wheel. The team was able to use the manufacturing company’s remaining businesses in the area to fix the network and execute a smooth recovery.

The Solution: Working with Top Goshen Computer Services Experts to Consolidate the Network and Get Business Back in Action Quick

“We didn’t waste any time,” says Blue Star Client Technology Manager, Grant Martin. “We helped get the company’s leadership team back up and running the very next day with borrowed equipment. Then, in less than a week after the fire, we had brand new replacement equipment for the whole company”.

“For us, it’s about following through to the very end and providing unparalleled IT support for Goshen businesses,” continues Martin. “I am still working closely with the CEO to ensure recovery efforts are reliable and determine the best course of action for what comes next”.

Blue Star isn’t just responsive to disaster either. When this manufacturing company acquired another company in 2016, Blue Star worked side-by-side with the company’s CEO to integrate the new network. They consolidated resources to the central server at the main office and used a fiber point-to-point to connect them back to the central resources. Blue Star replaced most of the computers to bring them into line with Blue Star’s best practices and helped the staff settle into the new environment.

The Outcome: Reliable and Successful IT Strategies that Lead to Long-Term Success for Goshen Manufacturers and Long-Standing Client Relationships

To this day, this manufacturing company is one of Blue Star’s fully managed clients. This means that they provide full-scope, Goshen-based IT support for all servers, networks, workstations and all other equipment. Blue Star provides backup services, Office 365 support, 24/7 monitoring and all other IT support for this Goshen company.  The company has a dedicated Systems Engineer, Network Administrator and Virtual CIO, thanks to Blue Star.

“As the Client Technology Manager for Goshen businesses,” said Martin, “I regularly meet with CEO’s to discuss IT strategy and how it can enhance their work.”

Blue Star, Inc. worked with the manufacturing company to offer them a strategic approach that would suit their needs and work for the long-term:

  • Approach every client interaction with the expectation of building long-term relationships. Blue Star isn’t interested in selling the latest gadget to make a sale. Through their approach to managed IT services, they seek to align their goals with their clients’ goals.
  • Develop repeatable and effective methodologies to maximize the overall health and stability of a clients’ IT systems. From the first steps of bringing on a new client to major server replacement projects, Blue Star has a methodology and a process to guide them every step of the way.
  • Stay Moving with technology evolution. Blue Star is constantly evaluating and refining their internal processes and procedures. Through constant improvement, Blue Star builds on the success of the past and ensures that they provide up-to-date IT support for businesses in Goshen.

Is your Goshen business looking for great computer support? Looking for strategic computer systems consultation in Goshen? Need to implement a new line of business applications or replace an old server? The Blue Star approach to IT project delivery offers maximum strategy and value at budget-friendly prices.

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