Computer networks are definitely more powerful and efficient than ever before. But they’re also more complex. When you have multiple computers, mobile devices, servers, and critical business applications, it becomes a full-time job to keep it all running smoothly. Managed service providers are companies that manage the IT infrastructure for their clients.

Managed IT Services make it possible for your organization to compete in this ever-evolving world of technology. Today’s advanced Networks and Servers offer the processing power that can give your company a massive competitive edge. But they do require specialists to operate and monitor these systems.

If you have numerous workers in many departments and a shipping department trying to get orders out the door, then you know how chaotic things can get. This type of activity requires a complex IT infrastructure in order to deliver such a wide range of customized services to so many customers.

Your business will benefit from experienced, qualified technicians who can handle all of your IT hardware and software needs.

Worried About Data Breaches?

If you’re worried about cybersecurity, then your IT services provider has cybersecurity specialists on hand to ensure that your data is protected. If you process credit card information, this can be priceless. Hackers are finding new ways to infiltrate even the best networks and computing systems.

It requires a dedicated team of IT specialists to stay on top of the cyber-crime wave so you don’t have to worry. All it takes is one data breach and your reputation could become tainted for years to come. A highly skilled IT support staff will handle your internet security with a layered approach that protects against all malware and ransomware attacks.

What Does A Computer Repair Company Do?

A computer repair company repairs computers. If you crack your screen, they can fix it. If your power keeps draining and you don’t know why they’ll find out. If you have sticky keys on your keyboard, they can clean out the accumulated dirt and get things working right again.

But that’s all they do. They can’t recommend the best software applications for your business. They can’t tell you what computers would work best for your workforce. They can’t diagnose and repair problems on your servers. They don’t have the resources to make sure your network is protected against the latest cyber threats. If you accidentally download a virus, they might be able to find it and remove it but that will depend on the type of virus and the level of penetration.

Basically, if a computer breaks down, you can take it to a computer repair shop and they’ll fix it. But if you’re looking for a company that will handle the day-to-day maintenance of your network, servers, and computers, then you need a great managed IT services company like Blue Star.

For a fixed monthly fee that’s predictable and easy to budget for, we’ll keep everything running at peak performance. We’ll make sure you have a sound business continuity plan in place. If disaster strikes, you can be assured that you’ll have backups of all your data.

You won’t have to worry about losing weeks’ worth of work because your IT department got lazy and didn’t perform any recent backups. Yes, they will have some good excuses about why they couldn’t get around to doing daily data backups, but this won’t help restore all those lost records.

When You Sign Up For Our Managed IT Services You’ll Receive:

  • Proactive Management, Monitoring & Help Desk Services all for a predictable monthly fee.
  • Scalable & Customizable Cloud Solutions so you can take advantage of the most up-to-date, innovative, secure solutions for an affordable, monthly fee.
  • A Guaranteed Service Level Agreement from an IT Support Team that is ready to act on any irregularities before they affect your operations. This reduces any downtime costs from lost productivity.
  • IT Planning Services that align technology with your goals and budget.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Avoidance Services with secure onsite and offsite data storage, protection, and recovery.
  • A Comprehensive Managed Security Solution that protects your data, email, equipment, and your confidential digital information.
  • Mobile Device Management Solutions so your data is safeguarded anywhere it goes.
  • Third-Party Vendor Management for all your technology needs.
  • Improved IT Security and Compliance Support to promote your ability to comply with today’s stringent HIPAA privacy regulations.
  • On-site Tech Support That’s 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Ready To Hire A Real Managed IT Services Company?

Great News! The Blue Star team is ready to assist. Give us a call or have a discussion with our live chat representative here on our website.

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Published on 28th October 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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