What’s The Best Dental Application For South Bend Dentists?

Practice management software? Digital imaging solutions? Find out which dental applications are worth your time and money before making your choice.

There are endless options available to you when it comes to dental applications – what’s the best way to figure out which one is the right choice?

Dental applications are one of the fastest evolving sectors of business IT in the world and for good reason. It’s not just about delivering a great user experience, or keeping the total cost of ownership reasonable; it’s about improving the way South Bend dentists interact with and treat patients.

However, you can’t just treat your patients and call it a day – there’s a lot more going on in a dental practice:

  • Managing appointment reminders, cancellations, and no-shows
  • Processing payments
  • Updating and maintaining patient files
  • Submitting insurance claims

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The fact is that in addition to the care you provide to your patients, you’re also running a business. Bottom line? A dental application worth using is simply more important and can do more good than the average IT solutions because it has an effect on how patients are cared for.

How Are Dental Applications Evaluated?

As you know very well from your time at trade shows and from what you get in your inbox every day, there are a lot of vendors out there trying to sell you their dental applications. There’s something for everything – whereas some will help you manage insurance claims, others will provide an automated solution for confirming patient appointments.

With so many vendors trying to get your business, how can you narrow down the options and choose the best one for you?

It’s all about finding the one that has the features that will really support the work you do every day – improving not just your experience as a healthcare professional, but your patients’ experience too.

Think of it this way – why bother lugging around a dozen different screwdrivers when a single powered multi-tool will handle every type of screw you may come across? Being able to take care of work using just one solution just makes more sense – by its nature, it’s simpler, more centralized, and more efficient.

What Are The Top Three Dental Applications Used By South Bend Dentists?

  1. SoftDent
    This practice management software makes it easy for dentists to maximize their efficiency in the practice, offering a range of features and solutions to expedite the regular tasks that slow down workflow. SoftDent allows users to automate confirmations in order to reduce late and no-show appointments, automatically send welcome packages to new patients that sign up at your practice, as well as market to and reactivate past patients with mass communications based on short-term promotions.SoftDent also provides simple and secure access to:

    1. Appointment details
    2. Restorative charts
    3. Periodontal charts
    4. Clinical notes
    5. Patient information
  2. DEXIS
    This radiography and dental imaging solution offer dentists a high quality and user-friendly system for use in the dental practice. Designed with the dentist in mind, DEXIS solutions are a leader in both clarity of image and user interface.The DEXIS platinum sensor and software deliver the best image quality when compared to other sensors in use in the industry. When pitted against the Schick 33 sensor, DEXIS proved to deliver the best possible image quality while at lower doses, with greater patient comfort and faster workflow.

    Furthermore, DEXIS’s PerfectSizeTM, single-sensor design makes for easy use, relying on a snap-on custom holder in combination with the simple software interface, all of which offers a pain-free, straightforward process.

  3. Dentrix
    This web-based software suite for dental practices equips users with a range of vital features that simplify patient management and help to increase the quality of care.Dentrix makes it an easy process to automate confirmations in order to reduce late and no-show appointments, automatically send welcome packages to new patients that sign up at your practice, as well as market to and reactivate past patients with mass communications based on short-term promotions.

    Dentrix also allows users to access all their patient and other work data from wherever they need to on a tablet or smartphone. Whether you’re at home and need to double check when a patient’s last appointment was, or on the go and need to confirm something else in a patient’s file, it’s as easy as opening an app on your mobile device.

    Dentrix offers universal (and secure) access to:

    1. Your office schedule
    2. Appointment details
    3. Clinical notes
    4. Restorative charts
    5. Periodontal charts
    6. Digital images

How To Choose The Right Dental Application For South Bend Dentists?

Still not sure which practice management software, or digital imaging solution, or other dental application you should choose? Allow BlueStar Pro to help – we’ve worked with a number of dental practices in South Bend to help them select, configure and deploy the right dental application for their needs. We will help you too.

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Published on 10th August 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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