Anthony EshlemanThe team of IT experts at Blue Star IT Serves & Solutions is thrilled to welcome their newest colleague, Anthony Eshleman. Eshleman comes to Blue Star IT Services & Solutions as part of their summer internship program that seeks to connect up-and-coming tech professionals with real-life industry experience among industry veterans.

Eshleman grew up in Middlebury will be starting his senior year of high school in the fall. With a passion for all things technology and armed with a keen desire to learn, Eshleman has undertaken this internship in the preparation of pursuing a major in Computer Engineering at the post-secondary level. Eshleman is a dynamic team-player with a strong work ethic and the entire Blue Star team is excited to have him on board for the summer.

Eshleman’s internship role will focus primarily on technical administrative support. He will work alongside Blue Star team members and gain expertise in a variety of client projects including creating new users, setting up new workstations and completing weekly backup tests. The entire training and work experience will be designed specifically to enrich Eshleman’s skill-set and knowledge base, to prepare him for a successful career in the information technology industry.

“Bringing on Anthony Eshleman as our summer intern will definitely be a huge asset to our team members,” says Blue Star President, Jon Morningstar. “However, our philosophy when bringing on interns is much more focused on what we can offer them as opposed to what they bring to us.”

“We hope to connect Eshleman with unparalleled industry experience that will help pave the way for all the future work he does in this field. As he moves on, we look forward to saying he got his start with us at Blue Star.”

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