It all began back in 2004… Our team of IT professionals started to put their talents to work in caring for businesses just like yours.

And it didn’t take long for companies across the region to see – and like – what we were doing. Our first managed services client came on board in December of 2005.

From there, it’s been a continual stream of new clients and new win-win partnerships with some amazing entrepreneurs and established small to mid-size businesses throughout the region.

In 2007, we moved into our current office suite on Main Street in downtown Goshen.

It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since we’ve moved into our current location.  When we moved in here we were just getting started.  It was still just Luke, Jamesie, and myself.  Within a few months, we would add our first employee, Mike Sisson.

Within 2 years we doubled in size – and by 2012 we had doubled again.

What makes the Blue Star team the best IT support team in the industry?

No, it’s not simply our technical know-how…

It’s who we are at a core level – our company culture and values.

That’s the X factor that we bring to the table.

That’s what sets us apart from the competition.


That’s what makes us the right IT partner to help your business function, grow, and succeed.

Throughout our growth and history we have developed a strong culture.  A healthy culture.  Our unique identity has developed as we have continued to grow through adding additional members to the team and adding new clients to our systems.  Our culture and identity has been shaped and molded by all of you – our clients and our customers.

These core values are who we are.  Who we have become.

Our values are the framework for our company culture and give us a foundation for continued growth and a vision for our future.


We increase our effectiveness by optimizing everything we do using a process driven approach.

What this means is that:

  • We will have continual growth mindset.
  • We will always be looking for opportunities to improve.
  • When something can be improved, we will work to make it happen.
  • We will have no sacred cows, everything and anything can be changed.
  • We will not do something just because we always have done it that way.


We work together on every project, opportunity, and problem with a collaborative team-based approach.

What this means is that:

  • We will have teams for everything.
  • We will actively participate on our teams.
  • We will provide open and honest communication.
  • We will give and accept constructive feedback.
  • We will work together with our clients.
  • We will work with vendors, and we won’t throw them under the bus or point fingers.


We deliver expert service through professional excellence in everything we do.

What this means is that:

  • We will be professional in our verbal and written communication.
  • We will be professional in our manners and appearance.
  • We will communicate often, we will communicate well.
  • We will maintain professional relationships with our clients.
  • We will treat everyone with respect.
  • We will provide outstanding service.
  • We will impact our clients in a positive way, we will make them better.
  • We will conduct ourselves in a respectful way, with our words and our interactions.


We build the foundation of everything we do with uncommonly great people

What this means is:

  • We will not be your typical unapproachable IT geeks.
  • We will always respect our clients’ time, when they are in a hurry we will help them with pleasant professionalism.
  • We will set expectations at a reasonable level, and we will consistently exceed those expectations.
  • We will communicate in a way that our clients understand.
  • We will be a uniquely qualified combination of smart approachable people.
  • We will conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do.
  • We will manage client expectations, not tickets.

We show up at work every day to give you the IT foundation that will propel your organization forward and enable you to meet your objectives.

We want to help you achieve your mission.

We want to enable you to impact the world!

Our clients are better organizations because of us.

Better because of the effective systems we have implemented, the people that we employ, and the services we provide.

Let’s talk! Contact us now at (574) 975-0767 or

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