Fall Is Here!

5 Fun Outings In Michiana

Want To Take Better Photos With Your Phone?

10 Tips For Better Phone Photography

We love fall here at Blue Star. Why? The weather is cooler, the colorful leaves abound, there are fall festivals everywhere, and it’s pumpkin time! There are so many great things that come with the start of fall. Be sure to set aside the time to take in the fall pleasures in Michiana.

5 Fun Fall Outings In Michiana

Gather the family and friends and visit one or more of these local farms for some apples, pumpkins and fun:

  1. Picking Apples & Pumpkins at Kercher’s Orchard (http://kerchersorchard.com/)
  2. Picking Pumpkins at Hilltop Farms (https://www.facebook.com/Hilltop-Farms-247992955214899/)
  3. Thistleberry Farms – pumpkin picking, corn maze, hay rides and more (https://www.thistleberryfarm.com/)
  4. Pumpkin Fantasyland (http://www.pumpkinfantasyland.com)
  5. Amazing Acres (http://a-mazingacres.com/)

10 Tips For Better Phone Photography

If you’re like me, you have your smartphone with you all the time. Rather than using a camera, I rely on my phone for photographs. And with all the advances in smartphone design, I can get some pretty great shots.

Whether you’re at a college football game, getting lost in a corn maze,, or picking apples in an orchard, capture some memories by snapping photos with your smartphone. We have some tips and tricks for you to get the bests shots ever.

1. Take Horizontal Shots. If you’re taking shots of the fall leaves using the vertical or portrait-style shots can be limiting. Simply turn your phone sideways so you can take in the landscape with a horizontal photo. Photos of a friend standing in front of a colorful landscape are fine. But to capture the setting as well, horizontal shot works best.

2. Use Angled Shots. Taking photos from an angle makes them more interesting. Doing this can also create a sense of depth and make the image you’re photographing stand out. Take shots at an upward or slightly downward angle. Play around with this and you’ll soon get the hang of it. When you do, your friends will be “wowed” by your photos.

3. Take Advantage of Gridlines: Use gridlines to position your shots. Here’s how to do this:

  • iPhone:¬†Go to: Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid
  • Samsung Galaxy: Turn on your camera application, Go to Settings > Grid Lines

The camera’s gridlines will be superimposed on your phone screen. Then use the lines to place the points of interest along them so your photo will be balanced and visually appealing.

4. Keep It Simple: The best photos portray one subject. The subject should fill up 1/3 of your shot with 2/3rds left as negative space, so the subject stands out. You can tap the screen to focus the camera on your subject. This is a quick way to make sure you’re capturing the subject with the best lighting.

5. Include Negative Space: This is the area around your subject. It could be an open view of the sky, water, a wall or anything that draws your eye to the subject.

6. Capture Reflections: We love looking at reflections in the water. There’s something very relaxing about this. But, there are other ways you can capture reflections in your photos. Include items like drinking glasses, eyeglasses and metallic objects.

7. Take Advantage of Natural Light: Instead of using the flash on your phone, take advantage of natural sources of light. You can find light even in dark spaces if you look for it. Also play around with shadows to create more interesting photos.

8. Take Closeups: Rather than using the zoom function, get closer to your subject for the best shot. Zoomed shots often end up blurry. You’ll capture a better image if you get up close when taking your photograph.

9. Do You Remember Candid Camera? It was a popular TV show many years ago (probably before you were born). Candid shots of people doing things are always interesting. They portray emotion and provide more information about the subject because they are captured in the moment.

10. Want An Easy Way To Share Your Photos? Join a photo-sharing community like Instagram or Flickr. You can instantly connect with your friends and family. Plus, you can connect with other photographers and get feedback about the photos you take.

Whether you take photos or not, get up from your chair and go out and have some fun at a Michiana Fall Festival before “Old Man Winter” shows up!

Published on 15th October 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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