Started Your 2019 Technology Plan?

Using the right technology plays a huge role in business success. If you are under new management, there will surely be changes coming your way. Transition is a necessary evil as a business grows and changes. It can be painful for some, but it’s a sign that your business is evolving rather than stagnating.

The technology you use now may no longer be adequate. The older solutions you use now might not support your current transition or your future goals. It’s time to do some strategic IT planning.

What’s A Strategic IT Plan?

A Strategic IT Plan will bolster your business whether you’re under new management, expanding your services or making a few changes. Just like you need a business plan to keep you on course, you must reassess your technology from time to time and align technology with the changes you’ve made,

How Specifically Can An IT Plan Help?

The right IT Plan will facilitate your success. It lays the foundation you need to:

  • Accelerate the growth of your organization,
  • Increase your operational efficiency,
  • Ensure maximum productivity from employees, and
  • Keep your confidential data out of the hands of criminals.

Does It Seem Like Your Business Is Always In Transition?

It probably is. Building an organization of any kind requires a series of “learn and do” cycles. This is a process that incrementally gets you close to where you want to be.

And to get where you want to also require planning for the technology you’ll need. With the transitions, your business goes through, and with technology evolving as rapidly as it is, your new management will need a new IT Plan every 3 to 5 years.

The idea of doing this may seem painful, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right technology service provider guiding you.

What Is IT Planning All About?

It Involves 5 Key Steps

1. Identify your new requirements.

It’s time to sit down with your IT provider and discuss what your new management is planning for the coming year.

  • Are you providing new services or products?
  • Are you being acquired or acquiring another company?
  • What about the number of employees? Will you add or remove any?
  • Will you need to train new employees on the technology you use? What about IT security awareness?

By answering key questions, you and your IT provider can assess your immediate technology requirements.

2. Identify your requirements for the next 3 to 5 years.

  • Where will the next few years take you?
  • Will new technologies be coming down the road that you can benefit from?
  • What about evolving IT security threats? Do you have the IT defenses in place to thwart them?

Prepare some general guidelines about how technology can support your business vision and mission.

3. Prioritize

You may not be able to implement everything you need now with all the changes and new management. Go for what will give you the best return now to keep your technology running reliably, securely and efficiently.

4. Develop A Technology Roadmap

Your IT provider can design a plan to help you implement what’s most important now and a Technology Roadmap for the future. This is a well-defined plan with steps, deliverables, responsibilities and assessments to measure success.

5. Evaluate

Over the next few months, meet with your IT provider again to assess if the solutions you’ve implemented are providing the returns you expected. Your IT Plan may need some “tweaking” along the way. With a business that’s in transition, this is to be expected.

If you are using Managed IT Services, your IT provider will be meeting with you regularly anyway, and they’ll be keeping a pulse on what’s working and what needs to be changed.

All companies face changes they must continuously adapt to. Whether you’re under new management or even making small changes, having a Strategic IT Plan is essential to ensure that you’re using the right technology along the way.

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Published on 17th November 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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