On April 22nd, more than 193 countries will celebrate Earth Day. Multiplied thousands of events will be put on across the globe to promote environmental awareness and action. These events will range from tree plantings at elementary schools to proclamations in presidential palaces.

Earth Day 2017

But what are you going to do?

What action are you going to take to make your world a better place?

Whether you believe climate change to be a global crisis or not, it is certain that we have been given the privilege of stewardship of this planet.

So, as a globally-aware corporate leader, what do you do?

You want your business to do more than only provide employment and make money for shareholders…

Make a difference AND save money.

Here’s how to do it!

The IT systems of today are evolving at a frantic pace. With that evolution of technology has come breakthroughs that can save you money and lower your company’s negative impact on the environment.

Want a lower carbon footprint?

Want your brand to be seen as a part of the solution instead of part of the problem?

The Blue Star team is here to show you THREE WAYS to save the planet AND save up to 40% on your IT!

#1 – Out With the Old!

We know that getting rid of old infrastructure and spending money on new equipment may seem counter-intuitive when we are talking about reducing waste and decreasing spending – but it works!

Think about it from this perspective…

You’ve replaced your washer, dryer, freezer, and refrigerator – even your light bulbs – at home for better, more power-efficient options.


Because it’s going to SAVE YOU MONEY!

That means more money for the things you WANT to do and the causes you care about.

It’s not that different in the workplace.

Your old systems use more power and require more maintenance than the new power-smart options.

So… switch now and realize an ongoing return on and environmentally-friendly investment!

#2 Get Into the Cloud!

Shifting from in-house servers to cloud-based, virtual servers is the single biggest technology-related action your company can take to become more environmentally friendly.

After all…

Those servers use a lot of valuable office space and eat up a ton of power each year. Plus, there’s the environmental impact of disposing of the servers over and over again when they hit their life expectancy – every three years on average.

It’s time to explore the environmental and financial benefits of allowing the Blue Star team to virtualize and manage your server assets within a cloud environment.

#3 Go Mobile!

Looking to relocate, expand, or renovate? Now’s the time to have the “wired or wireless network?” conversation with the IT professionals of Blue Star.

Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages to each approach, but in the world of environmental impact and cost savings, the smart money is on wireless networks.

Why? The production of cabling requires the mining of metals and the production of plastics. Neither of which is great for the planet…

Add to that the financial cost of purchasing and installing the cabling and you can quickly see why an informed conversation should be had surrounding this important business and environmental choice.

High mobility / low environmental impact is where technology is going.

Is your leadership, your company, and your brand, keeping up?

Ever look at the advertisements that bigger companies do showing their commitment to the environment and wish that your brand could be seen as a force for environmental good and progress?

Now you can!

Save money AND be the environmentally-friendly corporate citizen you have always wanted to be.

Contact the Blue Star team now at (574) 975-0767 or info@bluestarpro.com. We’ll make it easy and profitable to celebrate Earth Day this year!

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