We know some of you are too busy to take lunch, but you deserve to stop and have a sensational lunch experience from time to time.

Why not have lunch and learn something important for your business, or personal IT safety at the same time?

Blue Star wants to buy you and your team lunch. Plus, we’ll share how you can protect your company from hackers, ransomware, viruses and other cyber threats waiting to infect your IT system.

During your 30-minute lunch and learn session, we’ll teach you and your staff how to spot:

  • A social-engineering attempt.
  • A fake email coming from the CEO or other executive.
  • A phishing or spear phishing attempt.
  • An email that contains ransomware.

Blue Star’s cyber security experts will explain our cyber securitly solutions protect your company from hackers and other cybercrime intrusions.

Sign up today. We provide only one lunch training each week. Get your name on the list.

For more information, contact our cyber security experts at: (574) 975-0767 or info@bluestarpro.com