It all began back in 2004 … 14 years ago.

Blue Star IT Services & Solutions was born. We had great success back then and even more so today. Companies in and around Goshen, Indiana were in need of affordable and reliable technology.

Managed IT Services hadn’t even come on the scene in this area. But, we knew there was a way to help companies use technology without spending a fortune. So we found a way to provide the service and support they needed to grow their businesses without depleting their bank accounts.

Little did we know that the term would be coined and that Managed IT Services would take off.

From our initial focus of remote monitoring and management of servers and networks, our line of services expanded. Today, it includes services like:

We’re happy to say that now, 14 years later, many of our original clients are still with us. And many more have joined the Blue Star clientele.

We’ve achieved success for us and them through constant improvements. We built on our success to ensure that our clients’ technology will stay relevant even 14 years from now in 2032!

How can we be so sure?

Because we’ve developed repeatable and successful methodologies to maximize the overall reliability, security, and stability of our clients’ IT systems.

I know it sounds like we’re bragging. But we’re excited about the past 14 years of success for us and our clients.

And, why shouldn’t we brag?

2018 has been a great year for us. Blue Star IT Services & Solutions Was Ranked Among The Top 501 Global Managed Service Providers For The 2nd Year In A Row!

Our President, Jon Morningstar explains:

“This recognition is for our entire team who has worked hard for over the last 18 years. They ensure our clients’ needs are met and exceeded with every interaction. We completely trust our staff to work hard for our clients. This Award is more theirs than anyone else’s.”

What makes the Blue Star Team the best IT support team in and around Goshen IN?

It’s who we are at a core level – our company culture and values. That’s the X-factor that we bring to the table. And that’s what sets us apart from the competition.

In addition, it’s what makes us the right IT partner to help your business function, grow, and succeed.

Our values are the framework for our company culture and they give us a foundation for continued growth and a vision for our future (and yours)!

On to 2032 and beyond!

Thank you all for your loyalty. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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