Crash course in managed IT for business will feature local tech experts from Blue Star IT Services & Solutions.

The team of IT experts from Blue Star IT Services and Solutions is thrilled to be speaking at the Goshen Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, April 6th, 2017. Members of the Blue Star team will be on hand to enrich the Chamber University’s “What is IT?” event. Chamber University is a professional development program hosted by the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. Chamber University hosts informative business seminars, open to Goshen professionals who are looking to get informed on a variety of topics to drive business growth.

For the month of April, the Chamber University is focused on IT for business. In a fast-paced business environment, embracing and optimizing technology is fundamental to staying productive and competitive. The most effective way for business owners to take hold of technology? Get proactive. Proactive management of IT resources helps to ensure viability, stability and scalability – all of which help to support underlying business missions. However, taking the steps to become proactive with IT management can often leave business owners feeling overwhelmed.

Goshen’s Chamber University has decided to help tackle this tricky topic by enlisting the help of local IT experts Grant Martin and Bill Haughee from Blue Star IT Services and Solutions. Their presentation will help provide attendees with concrete suggestions on:

  • How to understand the modern IT landscape for business
  • How to be proactive and strategic with IT management and resources
  • How to determine which IT solutions would best support business goals

Both Martin and Haughee are incredibly excited about this opportunity to get involved and help inform local professionals. Blue Star has an underlying mission to help enrich and enhance the local business community through opportunities for involvement and education, so partnering with Chamber University is a perfect fit.

“We want local business owners to know that technology doesn’t have to be the daunting task that it often seems to be,” says Martin. “At Blue Star, we are driven by a desire to help business owners embrace technology and leverage it to support their goals. We’re hands-on with tech every day and we’ve been doing this for years. So, we take advantage of every opportunity to share that knowledge and connect with local business leaders.”

The What is IT? event will take place at the Goshen Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 from 8:00 am – 9:30 am. Interested professionals must register prior to the event. Full event details and registration & payment information can be found at:

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about how they can attend this informative IT seminar and what the takeaways will mean for their business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Blue Star President, Jon Morningstar for an interview.

Jon Morningstar, President – Blue Star IT Services & Solutions
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About Blue Star IT Services & Solutions

Blue Star IT Services and Solutions is defined by a mission to help organizations of all kinds leverage information technology to promote business growth and success. Blue Star strives to be an active partner for all clients and is committed to handling all technology needs so business leaders can focus on their own endeavors. The Blue Star team is made up of highly-skilled and well-trained engineers that take a strategic approach to implementing IT solutions for business. Blue Star IT Services & Solutions is committed to continual improvement and development in order to remain the trustworthy and reliable partner that business owners need.

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