Should You Purchase A Computer From An IT Company?

Your company has hired an IT firm in an “as needed” role, or they are your complete outsourced IT Department. Whenever something goes wrong with any device, at any time, no matter what the problem is; the IT company’s technician always knows how to fix it. So, it would stand to reason they sell computers too. Right?

What You May Not Know About IT Companies May Come As A Shock!

Even though there is a huge market to sell computers; surprisingly though most IT and MSP firms haven’t jumped on board to do so. It’s not that they wouldn’t mind the additional sales, but honestly, they have their hands full keeping up with Information Technology, cybersecurity, compliance regulations, and network maintenance.

With insufficient time on their hands to consider selling computers, please don’t be taken back if they don’t. Instead, you can still gather excellent reference information from your IT company. You see, they know what to look for, what to stay away from, and the benefits of having a computer built rather than buying one off the shelf.

Should You Buy a Computer Off The Shelf Or Have Yours Built?

With computer prices continuously dropping and seeing that same product six months ago at $999.00, but now it’s being offered for $299.00, it’s tempting to grab the bargain price. Before you latch onto that exclusive deal, consider the savings, and the powerful computer you will get, once you had it built and designed the way you want.

What Are The Advantages of Building Your Computer?

The best advantage you get, when having a computer build, is the selection of parts at your disposal. Most off the shelf computer systems come:

  • pre-built
  • factory specifications
  • the manufacturer chooses the components

Now the consumer must make compromises on features, instead of getting what they wanted. But, when building a powerful computer, from selected components, the user chooses the parts they wish before assembly, not the factory. When completed they have a turbo-charged computer system they desired.

Another thing to note. You do have an ally with some computer vendors. They will allow you to customize their computer system, but you are still limited to their selection of parts. i.e., Dell computers and Mac.

Another area to be aware of are pre-built systems. Two of the same model computers, on the same assembly line, may have completely different parts. The reasons for this has to do with suppliers, shipping of components, back orders, parts available at the time of assembly, and day of the week the computer assembled.

For example, Hewlett Packard (HP) might be forced to switch between multiple suppliers. Items like:

  • memory because one is cheaper than the other
  • swap out hard drive brands if one has particular supply problems
  • out of inventory, so a substitute part is used in its place

Buying all the parts yourself guarantees what components you have are going in your PC.

Now a less visible advantage, but just as valuable; when building your computer you will increase your system knowledge. When creating a machine from the ground up, you discover and learn. You see how the parts work together.

That information alone becomes extremely valuable to you when having to troubleshoot your computer problems. With that unique insight into what components control, the different sub-systems of your computer; means you can repair the hardware problems yourself. You won’t have to contact support or have any expensive computer repair bills hanging over your head.

Finally, let’s cover the savings. All users want a powerful desktop computer at a reasonable price. The savings come, when building your unit in two different forms:

  • Using premium components by the manufacturers
  • Buying from a wholesale supplier and not a retailer

When you purchase manufacturer suggested parts or components from a wholesale supplier, you do not have to pay the higher overhead costs, a retailer adds to their sticker price.

What Are The Disadvantages of Building Your Computer?

The most eye-opening disadvantage of building your computer will be the lack of technical support. Remember computer support is set up for off the shelf, pre-built systems; not custom made. When a part fails, you will have to contact the manufacturer, about that specific component, not the system, because if there were a warranty, it would be on the part and not your system.

Depending on the manufacturer, some may warranty the part and ship out a new piece. Of course, this becomes another advantage:

  • You know what part went bad
  • You know how to remove and replace it
  • You install the replacement part when it arrives

Another disadvantage is finding a location that sells parts to build your computer system. If you are not familiar with the computer’s technology and are creating your first unit, it can be frustrating. You have to worry about:

  • sizes
  • compatible components
  • wattages
  • memory
  • harddrive
  • and the list goes on

If you don’t research things correctly, you will end up with parts you don’t need and don’t work well together. In some instances you may find the parts you bought, won’t fit into the computer case you selected.

Should You Ask Your IT Firm If They Sell Computers?

By all means. Most do not, but you might find an IT firm that does. If you can’t; then consider having a powerful computer built to your specifications. You will get the computer you want, the power you desire, and discover the exciting world of custom made desktops.

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Published on 8th August 2018 by Jon Morningstar

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